Saturday, 24 March 2012

Using Facebook For Promotion.

Facebook is used by over 845million people worldwide.

Everybody I know has a facebook account. When I fiirst started writing, I wasn't aware of the scale off promotion I would have to do to get my book noticed. It's a tough world for new author's. I didn't want to spend any money promoting, as I wasn't sure if my work would be worth it.

Immediately after publishing onto Kindle, I updated my facebook status letting all my friends know about my book. It proved to work, as I recieved lots of comments asking where they could get it. Now, I only have about 200 friends, so that wouldn't make my book a best-seller. So I searched for similar pages that related to what I was selling/promoting. I searched for Kindle naturally and posted a small link to my book. It worked, I had a few sales from this. My searches kept going and every time I logged onto facebook, I would search for another page that would help promote my work.

I also looked into creating a facebook ad. I noticed you could cap your personal spendature to a value desirable. However, I didn't think that my allowance of £10 for advertising would cause that much of a stir. So, I abondoned the whole idea. That was until facebook e-mailed me saying they noticed I had tried to set up an advertising account and they offered me £25 free advertising. GREAT!!!

I set up the account (which didn't take long) and I watched my clicks soar. The ad reached out to over 2 million users interested in children's books. The ad proved to be a success and made my book more noticeable. Now, I wouldn't spend the money on the advertising again just yet, because I believe that the visibility the ad gave me wasn't worth the money. But hey, when facebook offer me £25 worth of free advertising again, I'll snap their arm off for it.

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