Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Sister Blog for Authors of Adult Literature.

New Book Authors.

Helping New Authors Promote and Share their Work.

I have set up a sister blog to co-exist  alongside Children's Book Authors, for exactly the same purpose, but for the authors of books intended for an older audience. Due to the success and popularity of Children's Book Authors, I decided that the sister site would provide the same support for those of you who have a passion for romance novels, sci-fi, thrillers, non-fiction and anything else intended for adults.

New Book Authors will basically be an exact replica with the odd difference. Shortly I will be adding an authors list page for those aspiring authors out there. Keep posted for updates.


  1. i see you upgraded your blog! might i add it is looking very good:)

    i made another blog, i would be thankful if you would follow my new one thanks!


  2. Thanks Bissy, I keep playing with the layout every time I'm online.

    I have visited your blog, which I really like. I have followed and commented and left a few links (I hope you don't mind)?