Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Advertising Ideas for your Book

Advertising Ideas

There is so many marketing options out there. Which ones are the way to go? Which ones work and which ones don't?

My main concern when thinking about advertising my book, is the costs. In a previous post, I touched on the idea of following up on free promotional adverts using Facebook. I have found that most company's will provide some sort of discount when you register with their site.

For example, I have signed up with and they instantly e-mailed me offers and discounts. They provided me with the opportunity to create a t-shirt for free. All I had to pay for was the post and packaging. A mere £3.06. I jumped at the chance. Walking around wearing a t-shirt with my book details on it might be a bit cringe-worthy, but for £3 I thought of it as a cheap promotional stunt. I will wear it whenever I go to the shops or places I know people will be interested, basically children's parties or play areas etc. I am always taking my 3 year old to these sorts of places, so even if nobody approaches me to ask about the book, the name is getting seen.

Another option vistaprint offered was the chance to create a car door magnet (also for free). Again all I had to pay was the post and packaging. I created it with the easy to use on-line creation tools and I was away. The magnet is a quicker way for the book to be seen around town. I stick it to my car door wherever I go. The layout is very simple, just the name of the book and where to download from. I am advertising my book while I am driving, all I had to pay for was the postage costs. 

These are simple and cheap ways to promote your book. They may not work all that well, but I believe having the books name out there being viewed in public can familiarise the product with people. The beauty of it is, that if a person was to see the advert on my car door, then arrive at home and coincidentally log on to amazon, there is a chance they see the book and through familiarity click on the book to buy. The exact purpose of an advert is to make products familiar to the public and create a sub-conscious awareness of the product. Being familiar with a product is key. The more you see a product, whether you like it or not, you are more likely to think of that product when searching for a similar item. 

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