Monday, 23 April 2012

Business Cards Update.

Business Cards Have Arrived.

In an earlier post, I wrote about the different approaches I had taken to promote my book. One of those approaches was making a simple business card to hand out to potential buyers.

Well, they have arrived. I am extremely happy with the finished result. I thought a simple approach would work better and hopefully achieve a sale. As can be seen in the picture, I uploaded my own picture. I also added the name of the book, a brief sentence to describe what the product is and where it can be found on the internet. So far, I have carried the cards with me everywhere I have been. This way if I get the chance to talk to people about my book, I have a card to give out so they can hopefully download/buy a copy.

My next step is to lend a copy of the paperback version to my daughters nursery. They have shown great interest in reading the book. I will be leaving a number of cards with the teachers so that if the children like the book, the parents have a card to take action on and hopefully buy the book.
I have been lending my copy out left right and centre to primary school teachers and parents, but until I recieved the cards, there was no way of informing them about how to attain a copy for themselves. Fortunately, the business cards have changed that now. I hope that this small investment will pay off. I will post about the results (if any) on a future date.

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