Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pookey The Mousepig In Outer Space, Exclusive First Chapter Preview.

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful Summers night and Mia was staring up at the stars. The smell of charcoaled sausages and sizzling burgers still filled her nostrils. It was nearly her bedtime, but she begged to stay up for five more minutes just so she could see a shooting star.
Earlier that day at school, Mia had been learning all about the planets and stars in the Universe. Mia's teacher Miss Hoot, had told all the children about outer space and all the mysterious things that exist out there. All the children joined in adding what they thought might exist in outer space. Christopher, a small boy who always had a finger up his nose, said, "I think that shooting stars are gigantic fire flies that flit through the sky at night."
"Well, I think that the moon is made of cheese, the really smelly kind," Margaret butted in.
"My Dad says that aliens live on the moon," Cory said smugly.
Miss Hoot tried to quiet the children as they shouted over each others ideas, "That sounds very imaginative children, but I'm not too sure if any of that is strictly true."
Mia's head was tingling with ideas of what she thought space might really be like. She couldn't wait to scribble down her ideas onto paper when she got home. Then Miss Hoot spoke, "Today children, I would like you to design and make something to do with space."
She looked down her thin steel rimmed spectacles at the children, "Anything at all. Aliens, astronauts, planets; if it's in space then you can make it."
The classroom cheered with excitement. Mia's eyes lit up, all of her ideas were bursting from her head. She knew exactly what she was going to make.

Chapter 2

Unfortunately, Pookey had been left at home while Mia attended school. The last time she snuck him into school, the school janitor's cat almost gobbled him up whole. Although Pookey staying at home was for the best, he did sulk a little when Mia told him about all the fun she had had. Pookey was trying to entertain himself in Mia's bedroom. The days seemed long for him and the only company he had was the soft toys that sat by the doll's house until…..

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